STABILISURE is a unique micro soil nailing system, which can be mobilised quickly and for installation in limited working space to provide stability improvements for the in-situ soils.

Reinforcing the existing soil with micro soil nails can:

  • lower the construction width of other retaining systems and┬áreduce the risk of global failure
  • create a mechanically stabilised earth retaining structure using the existing soil, rather than using geogrid with imported granular fill
  • provide a mounting point for a variety of facing units, such as precast concrete segmental blocks or gabions
  • allow fixing of rock netting, steel mesh, geotextiles, erosion protection or geosynthetic cementitious composite mats to the slope surface for a number or temporary or permanent works design cases
  • improve bearing capacity underneath concrete or granular foundations
  • reduce cost of retaining systems due to rapid installation rate, reduction in excavation volumes for temporary cuts and reduction in imported fill required and the labour required to install and compact it
  • provide additional confidence, as the micro soil nails can be pullout tested after installation to ensure the design strength has been met before proceeding
  • What can Stabilisure be used for?

    Reinforcement of existing soil in order to improve slope stability or bearing capacities; fixing of facing products over existing slopes or rock faces; to stabilise temporary works and affix rockfall netting or mesh.
  • How does the performance change in the long term?

    The pullout resistance of micro soil nails are known to improve over time after installation as they expand in the ground, improving the frictional interlock between the in-situ soil and the nail.
  • How does Stabilisure improve soil stability?

    Our micro soil nails improve stability in the same way as regular soil nailing, in that they prevent movement of the soil as it would require the embedded length of the micro soil nail to be pulled from the ground or the soil nail to break.
  • Can Stabilisure be used to reinforce backfill?

    Generally geogrid reinforcement is more economical if the material to be reinforced is to be placed during construction, however Stabilisure pins can be fixed to geogrid and embedded in original ground to increase pullout capacity or used to improve the bearing capacity of the original soil instead.
  • Can I use Stabilisure within retaining systems near adopted highways?

    Unfortunately the Stabilisure micro soil nail system is not yet BBA approved and therefore cannot be used for systems requiring highways approval.